Overview Of The Saw Blade

Sawing is a technological step in the process of making products, mainly in the process of creating embryos and processing burr. Each material will need a different specialized saw blade, basically more teeth will give a smoother cutting surface, and vice versa, the serrated is rougher. Some forms of saw blade: Un-coated saw blade(white): Ideal […]

HPMT – 30 Years Of Innovation In The Field Of High Precision Solid Cutting Tool

HPMT was founded in 1978 in Malaysia, originating from HERROZ by Mr. Khoo Yee Her. The field of operation is mainly the production of cutting tools, other supporting equipment and accessories. HPMT cutting tools are manufactured for each customer-specific application and are sold in both Malaysia and abroad. Currently, HPMT’s products are distributed to more […]

YIH TROUN – Indexable Side/Disc Milling Cutter

Disc milling cutter general features Disc milling cutter are used mainly for groove milling, when milling grooves with disc milling tool for higher productivity using solid endmill and the firmness of the tool is also higher. For narrow and deep grooves, the use of solid endmill is very difficult or impossible that it is possible […]

TENRYU – High Quality Japanese Saw Blade

Tenryu Saw, founded in 1913, is a pioneer in the field of industrial saw blade manufacturing in Japan, capturing the consumer need of customers and continuing to research and develop product lines suitable for cutting conditions and new industrial materials. Quality products are the result of continuous improvement in technology and strict quality control. The […]

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