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Tenryu Saw, founded in 1913, is a pioneer in the field of industrial saw blade manufacturing in Japan, capturing the consumer need of customers and continuing to research and develop product lines suitable for cutting conditions and new industrial materials.

Quality products are the result of continuous improvement in technology and strict quality control. The PAS logo displayed on each Tenryu product is a validation of the high-precision saw blade manufacturing process and outstanding quality.

Research and development

The increasing diversity of materials has driven the increasing demand for quality and accuracy in the field of cutting tools. With a team of professional engineers and extensive experience in dynamics, mechanics, measurement and control technology, metal materials, heat treatment and shaping technology, Tenryu is committed to meeting all the needs of its customers.

Production and quality management

Production and quality management “PAS” – High quality brand PAS brand stamped on all Tenryu products is a symbol of superior quality. Tenryu’s manufacturing plants, which have high-quality manufacturing equipment including a fully automated heat treatment plant. PAS-branded products are not only manufactured with this device but also subject to a strict quality control regime.

Production Controlling

The production of TERYU’s high-quality products includes the following steps:

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